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Here is my projects page.
All downloads are in zip format. Simply download the project or mod and extract the files in the same directory.

Fortnite Swamp Soundpack

This is a thing I made for entertainment purposes, it's not meant to simulate a real Fortnite experience, but it's close enough. You can download it here.

Simply replace the sounds folder that's already in your Swamp folder and you'll be good.

Oh Redspot, an oh shit mod

This is a mod I made of Oh Shit, a game that requires you to leap over cannon balls, avoid falling rocks, and basically try not to die. This is the redspot version. It's not the best, but it's close enough as I can get it.
Download Oh Redspot
Introducing the OhRedspot changelog page! You can view it with the following link:
View OhRedspot changelog.
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