Welcome to my extras page.
You will find many things on here, so enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: Things like IPA's, BGT files such as pack extractor.bgt, etc, are being tested at your own risk. I'm not liable for any trouble you get in to using these.

Audio Defense

This is an IPA file of Audio Defense by Somethin' Else.
The game is no longer in the App Store, so you can use the IPA file instead.
To install Audio Defense onto your device, follow these steps. If you use your regular ID, the app only remains valid for 7 days. If you use a developer ID, it is valid for 1 year.
Download Audio Defense

BK3 English Dictionary

This is the English dictionary for BK3. You can download it using the link provided. Simply paste the contents of the zip file into the BK3 game folder.
Download BK3 English Dictionary

Pack Extracter.bgt

This is a BGT file that is programmed to extract .dat files compiled with BGT, such as sounds.dat for example.
Download Pack Extracter
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